Career at Sea


It is said that the voice of the sea speaks to the soul. A career at sea is not only financially rewarding, but it is tonic for the soul. Officers on merchant ships are chosen professionals from across the globe that have the good fortune to work in tangent with the sea. To work on a ship you are required to be highly skilled as you are responsible for transporting commuters and freight safely around the world.

There are many prospects and the job requirements vary accordingly. Other than Navigation or Engineering skills one needs to be in constant touch with changes in information technology. It also requires considerable leadership and managerial skills to warrant the safety and well being of those living and working together at sea.

If the work is hard the remuneration is worth the effort. Salaries paid to Seafarers are extremely generous compared to those people make ashore. Wages are tax free. Boarding and lodging, travel and food are all paid by the employer. Officers who stay at sea can be promoted quickly, in due course becoming Captains or Chief Engineers.

People who have already decided and started a career in Merchant Navy are earning around US$ 2500 per month as wages or more soon after getting license to drive ships in just 2-3 years along with a degree.

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